AfterShokz Titanium AS600

Music is about immersion. However, this doesn’t mean totally cutting off the sound from the world outside. This doesn’t seem so with AfterShokz Titanium AS600, that’s why its athlete-focused titanium sports headsets do the opposite.

The primary thing to experience if you put a headset outside your ear is the bass. To address this issue, Aftershokz utilizes a bone conduction system, fundamentally delivering the vibration from low-frequency audio into the cheekbones of the wearer on their way to the inner ear’s cochlea, finding a way around the eardrums. Selling at a fraction of cost, AfterShokz Titanium AS600 is one of the best bone conduction headphones available today.

Great Design

What makes this bone conduction headphone apart from the rest is its impressive design. With dual bone conduction transducers that sits to the sides of your ear instead of going into your ear canal. The design of this headphone is very identical to ear cup headsets, except that these do not have covering or foam to keep out ambient sound. On the side of the speaker is a pause button that proved really valuable.

AfterShokz Titanium 600 Review – Bone Conduction and Sound Quality

It is really strange experience for those who try bone conduction headsets for the very first time. With the volume turned on, the sensations of vibration against the sides of the head are relatively pronounced. In fact, a lot of people who tried this headset there is only one thing they can say when it comes to sound, “exceptional”.

For first-timers, sooner or later you will become familiar with this head. It is less pronounced especially at lower volume. Having the sound generated inside the skull can feel a bit strange.

With the ears exposed, you will need to compete with some wind sound when running or cycling, however, this sound is never distracting. The generated sound can be thin in the treble, with loose bass as well as lacking drive or real energy. These are not headsets you will want to use for daily listening.

However, when it comes to listening during running or cycling commute, tuning is understandable as the bright treble will be heard easily over traffic. It has secondary EQ mode which is accessible through holding both the buttons of the volume which minimizes vibration and bass further. As a matter of fact, this bone conduction headphone really excels at podcasts and audiobooks.

Titanium AS600 – Battery Life

When buying any type of headsets, one of the most essential things to consider is the battery life. With regards to Aftershokz Titanium AS600 bone conduction headphones, you can listen to your favorite music for as long as six hours of constant listening that is reasonable.

There is a ten days standby time as well. Charging over USB takes only one and a half-hour compared to other headphones that last 3 to 4 hours of charging.


In general, These headphone is fun and comfortable to use, around your office and while doing any activity. This is great, allowing you to listen to stuff when you want to, while also hearing the conversation from friends.

The best feature of AfterShokZ Titanium AS600 open-ear headphones is that it does not feel like you are wearing headphones at all. But, if you need to venture outside or if things get loud, this headset suffers from too many vibrations and short of volume.

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